Media like images, videos, documents are organized in the media property of products. This is, how you can request them:
query q1 {
  productsearch {
    content {
      media {
mimeType purpose descriptions sortingOrder } } } }
"url" and "mimeType" should be self explaining, "descriptions" is an array, containing string values that describe the image, usually, it only contains one description. sortingOrder can be used to display the documents in the intended order in a frontend. The purpose is a code, that describes what kind of media file it is. This is the full list:
pic - Product pictures
ipi - image picture (Milieubild)
ppi - packaged product image
sds - safety datasheet
brc - prospect
env - environmental declaration
ldr - line drawing
dop - declaration of performance
ini - installation instruction
pds - product datasheet
cem - CE mark
pap - product approval
man - manual
car - care instruction (Pflegeanleitung)
ela - energy label (Energieklasse)
prv - promotional video
inv - installation video
3do - 3D object
2do - 2D object