Structure of the query

query q1 {
allProducts(size: 100, distributionChannelId: 83, state: ACTIVE, lastModifiedAfter: "2021-03-01T12:08:55+02:00", scrollId: null) {
content {
  • size: Products per page.
  • distributionChannelId: The ID of your DistributionChannel, provided by ProMaterial.
    state: Return products with a specific state (ACTIVE |  DELETED).
  • lastModifiedAfter: Return products that where changed after a certain date and time. Time stamp is a ISO8601-formatted string.
  • scrollId: In the first request, omit the scrollId. In the response a scrollId of type string is returned. Use the scrollId of the response in the following request.

    You are finished, when the content array is empty.